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Rainbow Mountain Full Day Tour

If you are in Cusco either past or permanent, visiting this place will undoubtedly be one of the great experiences you can enjoy. The rainbow mountain, known as the 7-color mountain, Colorado mountain, Vinicunca mountain, is a magical place where its roads were part of the ancient Quechua culture, and used to exchange its products (barter products), along with The other Quechuan regions have now become a natural wonder similar to the rainbow mountain of China.

Itinerary Summary

  • Day 1: Pick up from your hotel at 04:10 to 04:20 a.m., bus trip of 2 hours, arriving to point where we will start the trek (3 hours approx.) We will visit the Rainbow Mountain for 30 min. to 45  min. After  we will going back and take our bus to return Cusco.

The difficulty is moderate, the trip includes a trek from 2 hours approx. and a bus trip from 4 hours round trip.


04:10 to 04:20 Pick up from your accommodation to direct transportation to the town of Tintinco – Paucarpata (. 2 hour approx), down from transport to stretch your legs and enjoy our breakfast prepared by our chef, obtaining some time to organize the rest of the things we need for the ride will take about 1 hour 40 min. (4 km) to the same mountain of 7 colors, dare walked the town of Machuraccay and then reaching the checkpoint where the community organized to collect an income.

And performing the walk will see how it changes the color of the landscape and mountains with a changing temperature in our journey lasted, reaching a maximum height of 5,033 meters. which is the Mountain of 7 colors, having enough time to take pictures and enjoy this wonder of nature, reveling in the magic that enclose the surrounding mountains as a veil of clouds and snowy peaks, then we will start our dare return of the same path being a much quieter and unhurried walk, and where we will be very pleasant lunch prepared by our Chef Andean share this beautiful experience with the rest of the group.

After some time we will take the transportation that will take us back to Cusco arriving and where transportation left them to the City Center from 17:00 to 17:30 pm.

Note: During the ascent, they will have the opportunity to rent a horse that will serve as a backup in case of an emergency since the change in altitude is very sharp (The rent is negotiated directly with the villager who could cost between S / 80.00 to S. /.90.00 Peruvian currency).

Likewise it is recommended that tourists take at least 2 days to get a good climate and to fully enjoy this walk.

Maximum altitude: 5036 masl
Altitude Low: Start walking 4700
Walk time: 4:30 Hrs
Walking distance: 9.5 Km
Difficulty: Moderate – Demanding


Additional Information

  • Tourist transport back and forth.
  • Meals 1 Breakfast / 1 lunch / Vegetarian Option (Please indicate at the time of booking).
  • Professional Tourism Guide.
  • Entrance to the Mountain of Colors.
  • First aid kit.Saddle horse which cost S / .90.00 rise and fall Service
  • Saddle horse which cost S / .90.00 rise and fall Service.
  • Extra Drinks.
  • Tipping.
  • Food not included in the program.
  • Entrance to the Red Valley.
  • Life insurance.
  • Original passport.
  • Water to drink 2-3 Lt.
  • Rain jacket / poncho.
  • Winter hat and gloves.
  • Sun block, factor 35+ recommended.
  • Sunglasses and sun hat.
  • Camera with spare batteries.
  • Binoculars.
  • Trekking poles.

Mountain of the seven colors before going, we have a lot of questions about the rainbow mountain or any other place we are going to visit, and even more if we want to have a great unforgettable adventure in that place, to have a great adventure, we must be very clear when to go? And how to go? and many others, that is why we have for you a list of questions that we all ask ourselves when making a great excursion.

What is Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca?

The Rainbow Mountai, Vinicunca, also called Montaña de Arco Iris, is a new wonder in Peru in the city of Cusco, Quispicanchis Province, Pitumarca District with an altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level, considered the fifth largest mountain in Peru. This geological jewel is just becoming known, also listed as one of the places we must travel to before we die.

What time to go?

To go to the Rainbow Mountain you must be ready or willing for intensive climate change. The time that is suitable for traveling, is in time of drought or Andean harvest, from April to October or as others call it Andean summer. For your comfort and safety you must choose the right equipment before traveling.

How to go?

There are two ways to go, one hiring a travel agency and the other on your own, if you are used to long walks you can choose the second option, but first you should consult people who know the place you must also know where to take a car to be able to reach the Rainbow Mountain.

How should my physical condition be in order to reach the Rainbow Mountain?

Be sure of good health, feel one hundred percent well, feel able to go around the world. For the safety of everyone, it is advisable to go to your doctor for a review of your health.

How long should I walk to get to the Rainbow mountain?

The time you are going to walk depends on your physical condition approximately to reach about 3 hours to 4 hours and return 3 hours.

How could height affect me?

The Rainbow Mountain has 5,200 meters high if the height affects you you will feel the effects. The symptoms are headache, dizziness, insomnia, loss of appetite and loss of energy. In order not to be affected by the recommended height, go first to consult with your Doctor.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

The clothes with which you feel comfortable and feel able to go around the world a wide or flexible pants a warm jacket that you do not weigh and good trekking shoes of course a hat to protect us from the sun.

Can I go hiking on my own?

Of course it can. But there is one thing, you can go on your own if, but as long as you are used to long walks. We can also guide you and communicate with the chefs of the place

What should I take along the way?

It is necessary to bring medicinal alcohol, coca tea, you mill and enough water and a coat these things you wear only if on your own but the obvious coat is necessary.

Should I take my food?

You don’t really have to worry about your food, the agency takes care of everything, that’s why we have specialized Cooks, the food we serve is very nutritious food based on the typical Andean dishes, the dishes are nothing heavy and very Nutritious contains protein and vitamins and all the food a traveler needs.


  • Group Service: $ 35 dollars
  • Private Price (2 People): $ 150 dollars

Group Service: USD 35 Per person. !!!

Private Service: This depends on the number of passengers. (Please send your questions to info@minkas-peru.com


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